One of the negative effects of gambling is

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One of the negative effects of gambling is

One of the negative effects of gambling is

a. Gamblers get thin
b. Hard to eat and drink
c. Families become displaced
d. Get sick and die faster

Answer :

The answer is (C) Families become displaced. This gambling is in great demand because it is considered to be able to provide wealth with a model of luck, not with hard work. Gambling in Islam is haram.

Discussion of the Impact of Gambling

One of the negative effects of gambling behavior is neglect of the family. Why is that? Because gambling this makes someone LAZY to WORK, as well as plunges someone into the dream of getting shortcuts without hard work. Even if you think about it, the percentage of winning through gambling is so small that it clearly cannot be used as a livelihood.

Those who are addicted to gambling and become lazy will certainly leave their families because they are involved in gambling. In fact, not a few who not only neglect but also make the family suffer by seizing family savings or imposing gambling debts on the family.

In essence, Allah SWT will not prohibit the act of gambling without wisdom. Allah says stay away from gambling, lest people be dragged into the pit of loss and humiliation.



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Class : 2 Middle School

Subject : Islamic Religious Education

Chapter : Akhlakul Mazmumah (Despicable Behavior)

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