One of the Goals of Entrepreneurship Namely

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One of the Goals of Entrepreneurship Namely

One of the Goals of Entrepreneurship Namely

One of startup's goals is to realize social welfare,

In addition to realizing community welfare, entrepreneurship also aims to support the emergence of small businesses and increase innovation.

Detailed discussion of the purpose of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a human effort to combine innovation and opportunities to get more value in life and solve existing problems in a community group. Basically entrepreneurship is done by looking at the problems and opportunities that exist in a group Public and an entrepreneur will create products that have economic value that can overcome these problems.

There are several characteristics that exist in entrepreneurship:

Accountability: an entrepreneur must be responsible for all decisions he makes, because basically everything related to the continuity of his business depends on the decisions he makes.

Be prepared to accept criticism: an entrepreneur cannot be selfish and feel that he or she is the right person. A businessman must have a big heart and be willing to accept consumer criticism and suggestions for the products it offers. Instead, these suggestions and criticisms can actually be used by an entrepreneur to improve his product so that it is more acceptable to the public.

Future orientation: an entrepreneur must have an optimistic attitude, have a clear vision and mission for the company's growth. This has an impact on the strategy implemented, because with a clear vision and mission, the decisions made are those that will drive the realization of the company's vision and mission. If a company doesn't have a vision and mission, it feels like it's lost its way.

The purpose of an Entrepreneurship:

Supporting the emergence of small businesses: workers who support business operations will gradually have the enthusiasm to open an independent business. As entrepreneurs, we need to support the workforce if we want to try to open our own business.

Carry out community welfare: entrepreneurship in an area will absorb labor in an area so that unemployment can be reduced. This will have an impact on increasing people's purchasing power and will help the wheels of the economy move more smoothly.
Innovation: the existence of strong competition from business activities will encourage entrepreneurs to innovate so that their products can win regional competition.

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