One of the Efforts to Save Electrical Energy Is

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One of the efforts to save electricity is

One of the efforts to save electricity is

a. use an electric oven to heat food

b. use a light bulb with a large power to make it bright

c. all electrical installations in the house use parallel circuits

d. Leaving the cable connected to a wall socket even if you don't use electrical equipment




The answer  is C, all electrical installations at home use parallel circuits. Parallel circuits require less energy than series circuits. So parallel electrical circuits will be more energy efficient.


Discussion on Saving Electricity

The need for electrical energy is becoming increasingly important because in running activity Every day we need various supporting tools that require electrical energy. Such as rice cookers, cellphones, computers and lights.

With the use of electrical energy we have to save money because of the limited supply of energy sources.

Some ways to save electricity are:

  • Open windows during the day so the room is bright without turning on the lights.
  • Turn off electronic devices that are not in use.
  • Unplug the cable from the wall socket, because if the cable is still connected to the wall socket, electrical energy is still absorbed by the cable.
  • Use lamps with low power, but good lighting such as LED lamps or energy-saving lamps.
  • Use low power electronics.

Electric ovens require a large amount of electrical energy because of the large power. We can use it occasionally when we really need it or use the stove to heat food.

Parallel electrical circuits have advantages

  • if one of the lights in the circuit is cut off, the other lights will stay on.
  • The circuit has a smaller total amperage than a series circuit, so a parallel circuit requires less electrical energy.

Using the oven to heat food requires a lot of energy, it is a waste of energy.

Using a high-power light bulb to brighten it is a waste of energy.

Leaving the cord plugged into a socket, even if you are not using an electrical appliance, is a waste of energy.



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