How to Check Help Set Top Box for Free

Stb is a tool that converts digital signals broadcast by television stations into images and sounds that will be displayed on TV with this tool.
Since the information about converting from Analog TV to Digital TV was published, this tool has become the most sought after tool. In fact, people can still watch TV if the TV they use already has digital broadcasts. Recently government has announced that there is free stb assistance for those who are entitled to receive it. Here's How Check Help , please see below carefully.

However, for TVs with this feature, we only consider TVs released since 2020. Below that, we can say almost without this feature.
Because that year was digital television and it wasn't until early 2021 that the government announced it. Some of the advantages of digital television over analog is that this broadcast can provide a much clearer picture and sound quality.

Get to know more about STB

This type of broadcast will not be affected by the weather, as we know that Analog TV is very susceptible to interference when the weather is not good. In fact, Indonesia lags behind other countries that have used this type of broadcasting first.
is a device that converts digital signals broadcast by television stations into images and sounds that will be displayed on TV with this tool. Digital versus analog television is that this broadcast can provide much clearer picture and sound quality.

The number of Set Top Boxes that will be given to the less fortunate also has no effect on the game. Instrument Set Top Box- .
But if you are a capable society, you can buy it yourself. This tool is available in the market or offline stores with specifications confirmed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
With this circulating in the market. So the government reminds them to use STB which verifies them because the Digital channels they use are also different types.
digital TV receiver , you can see the review below.

Here's How to Check Help Set Top Box Free, post contact number and location.

In addition to questions about how to apply for STB Kominfo support through, contact telephone numbers and Command locations, you can also view more information about ASO starting 2/11.

The government provides support in the form of free set-top boxes (STB) to the public for a smooth transition from analog to digital TV programs or Analog Switch Off (ASO).

STB is a decoder capable of converting digital signals into images and sound for display on analog TV.With STB, people can watch digital TV shows on analog television.In total, 6.7 million units of free STB were distributed.This grant comes from the commitment of the Multiplex Institutional Institute (LPS) up to 5.7 million units and the government up to 1 million STB allowance.

Only people in the category of Poor Households (RTM) are entitled to free STB.

This is in accordance with the mission of PP No. 46 of 2021 concerning Post, Telecommunications, and Broadcasting which states that the distribution of STB is addressed to RTM based on decile-

in the data to accelerate the achievement of alleviation goals poverty extreme (P3KE).

Decil-1 refers to the household group whose welfare level is below 10%, according to the National Group for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K).

Therefore, only households that are included in decile-1 in the P3KE data are entitled to free STB.

Now, for those who are in the RTM category but have not received a free STB until November 2, Kominfo will open an independent submission via the URL

"RTMs who still need STB can register independently by calling switchboard 159 or to the telephone number of the nearest STB support post," wrote Kominfo in an official statement received by KompasTekno, Wednesday (2 November 2022).

You can apply for a free STB receipt at a post office that supports STB processing, you can follow the steps below.


Here's how to register for STB Kominfo support via, post contact number and location. (screenshot of

– Go to https:// to Check Help

– Fill in your NIK code and captcha in the column

- Click "Search"

– If you are already a registered beneficiary, you can call 159 or go to the Rapid Response Command location to handle STB support by bringing your original KTP and KK

– If you have problems accessing the website above, you can call 159 or call the post office number.

It should be noted that only those who are registered as RTM or meet the requirements are eligible for the free STB.

The Rapid Response Command which handles STB support for Jabodetabek is open from 2-4 November 2022.

The head office operates from 08.00-19.00 at the following locations.

Contact and location

free. DKI Jakarta

– Location: Akmani Hotel, M Floor, Room 2 Venezia, Jl. H Wahid Hasyim No. 91, Central Jakarta

– Contact: 082123816097

Depok City

– Location: Bumi Wiyata Hotel, Wahidin Room Ground Floor, Jl. Margonda Raya No.281, Depok City

– Contact: 082123816099

Bekasi City, Bekasi Regency

– Location: Amaroossa Grande, lt. Lobby, Taj Mahal Room, Jl. A. Yani No.88, Bekasi City

– Contact: 082123816095

Tangerang City, Tangerang Regency

– Location: Novotel Hotel, PL Floor, Eureka Room, Jl. gene. Sudirman No.1, Tangerang City

– Contact: 082123816096

South Tangerang City

– Location: Grand Zuri BSD City, 2nd Floor, Mulia 4th Room, Jl. A Thousand Heroes of South Tangerang City

– Contact: 082123816098

Bogor City, Bogor Regency

– Location: Salak The Heritage Hotel, Batu Tullis Room 2nd Floor and Burangrang Room 1st Floor, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 8, Bogor City

– Contact: 081212820047

The public can also contact the Kominfo contact if they have questions about ASO at 159 or chat via WhatsApp to 08118202208.

Kominfo claims to have distributed 1,055,360 units of STB as of October 31, 2022

For the Jabodetabek area, Kominfo stated that 473,308 STB had been distributed.

This number represents 98.7 percent of the total target of 479,307 STB units for the Jabodetabek area.

Kominfo stated that of the total candidates for free STB in Jabodetabek, 60,791 of them did not meet the criteria/failed to apply.

ASO from 2

November 2022, the Government finally confirmed the switch from analog to digital TV on November 2, 2022, after several schedule changes.

The migration process is carried out in stages in 222 districts/cities in Indonesia.

Among them, 9 agencies/cities in the Jabodetabek area and 173 agencies/cities with non-terrestrial services no longer receive regular TV signals.

According to the Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G Plate, as many as 514 agencies and cities in Indonesia have switched analog TV programs to digital.

Of these, 222 regions will switch to digital TV on November 2.

While the other 292 regions will ASO after 2 November, depending on the readiness of each region. 

That's a review of how to Check Help Set Top Box for Free, contact number and posting location. Hopefully this information can be received, yes, and don't forget to share this info with everyone so that those who are entitled to an STB do not miss this information. Don't forget if there are criticisms and suggestions, please leave them in the comments column, thank you.