Best Stock Trading App For Beginners

best stock for beginners help you in stock trading. Despite its reliability, this app is used by many people. Here I will recommend some stock trading applications that you can learn easily.

Reporting from various sources, here are 8 of the best stock apps for beginners to try while relaxing at home.

1. Indo Premier Online Technology (IPOT)

The best stock trading app for beginners is Indo Premier Sekuritas. It is one of the best and biggest security company in Indonesia.

This securities offers investment in the stock market for individuals and companies and has been approved by OJK No. KEP-11/PM/PPE/1996. In addition, the company that was founded in 1996 managed to place its name at the peak of the bond market competition in the first half of 2019 with a sales value of Rp. 10 trillion and market share in 200%.

The products in this application include mutual funds, financial planning, investment banking (institutional/corporate), trading and trading (institutional/corporate only), and income trading and trading – Fixed income (institutional/corporate).

Presenting the Indo Premier Online Technology (IOT) application available on the Playstore. IPOT is one of the most popular securities applications in Indonesia because it offers investments in stocks, mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The advantages of the IPOT application are the Trading Robot and Fund Evaluator. This function can execute all buy and sell orders for the stock and a predetermined price, so that investors never miss an opportunity to sell at the target price.

How to register the app IPOT

The reason IPOT is widely used by investors is because this application is quite complete, it is also a practical, fast and complete registration method by online.

The requirements are not many, just prepare an identity card or e-KTP and follow the steps below to create an account on the IPOT application.

  1. After downloading the IPOT application from the Google Play Store or App Store, fill in the data by entering the e-KTP identity number;
  2. Then selfie with e-KTP;
  3. Upload a photo of the signature specimen.

After completing these three steps, the IPOT application performs the verification process.

under E-mail with details of securities accounts, such as transaction accounts, secondary securities accounts (SREs) such as securities deposit accounts,sole investor identification) and client funds account (RDN). open automatically. at PermataBank…

No wonder IPOT claims to be digital because account creation can be done in an instant.

Without appendage send physical files and sign page by page.

IPOT has an automated trading system so you can execute everything order buy and sell

, then, as a user of the app, you can set the target, price and quantity in detail up to the time of execution.

stock trading app

2. Mirae Asset Securities

Established in 1994 under the name Monas Buana Securities. This company usually holds the top 3 on the stock exchange.

In 2018, Mirae Asset Sekuritas listed its name as the best securities in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in September 2020, this securities company managed to achieve the highest transaction value of Rp.227.13 trillion.

In addition, the services provided by Mirae Asset Sekuritas are very diverse, including trading and retail and corporate bonds, online stocks and mutual funds for traditional and Sharia products, trading stocks on margin, to economic and economic research.

Mirae Asset has also ventured into the digital world by creating two applications, HOST (for PC or laptop users) and NEO HOST (for mobile use). Fortunately, the deposit is quite high at IDR 10 million, but the transaction fee for Mirae shares is very low, at 0.25% from sales and 0.15% from purchases.

3. BNI Sekuritas

The best stock application for beginners is PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) (Persero) Tbk. .

Founded in 1995, this securities company was awarded the title of the most active insurance company by the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) in 2018.

BNI Sekuritas has a license as an OJK mediator with the number: KEP-19/PM/. 1995 and number: KEP-21/PM.2/2017. In addition, these securities have securities business licenses with numbers: KEP-20/PM/1995 and KEP-20/PM.2 2017.

BNI Sekuritas provides Bank Investments, Equity Brokerage, Fixed Income Brokerage, Stock Brokerage and many more.

4. MNC Securities

The next stock trading application is mmc Sekuritas. As the name implies, MNC Sekuritas is a subsidiary of the MNC Group under PT MNC Kapital Indonesia.

Meanwhile, to open an account, investors must spend Rp. 100,000 as an initial deposit. In addition, opening an account at MNC Sekuritas is very easy, even online.

However, investors who wish to register as clients of this investment company must have an account with BCA before they can open a joint account with MNC Sekuritas.

5. The Last Mandiri Securities

, Mandir also makes the best stock application for beginners called Mandiri Sekuritas which is equipped with the MOST application. This application contains a system user interface or interface for new users or new investors.

The transaction fee at MOST is 0.28% per transaction and the purchase price is 0.18%. Most of the registration is done online.

In addition, Mandiri Sekuritas offers live and online investor training support, as well as unlimited access to daily analysis by professional Mandiri Sekuritas analysts.

6. Seeds

To promote the app, several celebrities were used as promotional stars, which made the Seeds app even more popular. In the past year, Bibit has aggressively advertised “Automatic mutual fund investment”.

This promotion can attract investors from beginners to professional investors.

For beginners, the Seed app can be an investment assistant. Because when a customer registers, Bibit makes a choice based on their profile, age, income, risk, and investment objectives, so investors don't have to be confused about where to invest, to save their money.

This application that has been approved by the OJK has a very affordable investment. With Rp. 10,000, investors can do seed investment transactions. This denomination is very profitable, especially for novice investors who want to learn more about the ins and outs of the stock market world without worrying about big losses.

In addition, this application, which is used by various e-wallets, offers a variety of funds ranging from stocks, bonds, to the stock market.

7. Bareksa

The best stock app for the next participant is Bareksa. The easy-to-use app simplifies all activities from registration to online transactions.

This application, which is supervised by the OJK, offers more than 150 loan products, both conventional and sharia.

In addition, there are more than 49 investment managers ready to help investors achieve their investment goals.

8. Stockbit

The best stock app for beginners is Stockbit. Stockbit is reported by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and started as a platform for investors to share information about issuers or stock proposals.

This forum soon developed to be able to influence stock market price movements. Over time, Stockbit has also developed into an investment app where investors can chat, analyze and trade.

This application in collaboration with Sinarmas Securities has many advantages, including allowing investors to trade stocks online, use the stock learning feature, and conduct stock trading simulations.- online.

This is the best stock app for beginners that you can try. Hopefully reading this article can help you try stock trading services. Good luck.

So, those are some stock trading applications that I can convey to you, hopefully they can be useful.