Open Source Software

Open Source Software is Here's the Full Review

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Want to know what open source is software and its various benefits?

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What is Open Source Software?

Open Source Software

The development of technology has made it easier for many users to carry out their daily activities.

Starting from the form of hardware to the network connection to the internet, everything has made all our activities easier.

Manufacturers even offer programs that you can customize to your needs.

According to Open Source, developers usually offer software as a program that provides the source code for free so that it can be viewed by its users.

With this, the software allows the user to see how the software works.

Users also have the option to customize or customize the software according to their own needs.

However, users may change the functionality of the software only if they agree to all terms and conditions and have obtained a license for the product.

OSS (open source software) consists of 10 principles related to the following:

  • Software Redistribution
  • Source code availability and integrity
  • Product distribution and licensing
  • Operation license
  • The role of the device must be anti-discrimination

Open source software Software also has various licenses.

Each license allows developers to adapt the software to different environments.

According to Thebalancecareers, here are the 5 most popular OSS licenses among professional programmers:

  • MIT license
  • GNU General License (GPL) 2.0
  • Apache 2.0 license
  • GNU General License (GPL) 3.0
  • BSD 2.0 license (3-clause. New or updated)

When you change the source code, the OSS should describe what you are changing as well as the methods you are using.

Types of Open Source Software

Did you know that some developer-provided OSS can be downloaded for free?

However, there are still some programs that are sold by several development companies.

Pay attention to these two types of programs before choosing them, make sure the program you choose fits your needs and abilities.

1. Commercial software

This software is commercially available. Which means the software is copyrighted by the developer.

Commercial software does not give users access to the source code. The client must respect the intellectual property rights of the software developer.

After paying for the user license, the customer can then obtain the source code and take advantage of the software.

2. Free software

The meaning of the terms free software and OSS has long been a debate in the technology community, especially in software technology.

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, OSS is slightly different from free software.

Both are indeed compatible and have tools that users can download and modify at no cost.

Free software, meanwhile, is a concept developed in the 1980s by an MIT computer scientist named Richard Stallman.

He defined free software under four conditions, or "four freedoms".

This environment emphasizes the ability of users to use and enjoy their favorite applications.

In contrast, OSS principles, developed by the Open Source Initiative a decade later, place more emphasis on software adaptation and the consequences of source code adaptation, licensing, and distribution.

So, before choosing a software service, remember to update it as needed.

Advantages of Open Source

Like various devices that support technology work, open source software has various advantages.

Apart from being free and easy to use, here are some of the advantages that OSS offers over other software:

  • its quality can be easily improved thanks to the source code that is constantly being released, tested and developed.
  • OSS provides valuable learning opportunities for programmers. They can apply those skills to today's most popular applications.
  • OSS is more secure than proprietary software because bugs can be found and fixed more quickly. Because it is in the public domain and constantly being updated, it is less likely that OSS will become obsolete or obsolete. This adds up to a long term project.

Thus an explanation of open source software that you need to understand.

Not only as the forerunner of useful programs, OSS is also useful as a programming skill sharpener, you know.

Well, for those of you who have an innovative spirit and passion in the world of software development, you can start looking for job opportunities in the world of software developers.